We offer a line of supplements by Standard Process. These high quality, whole food supplements offer far superior nutrition than standard synthetic vitamins and are recommended by the doctor if indicated by her assessment.

Cost varies per supplement. Please call for details.

Do you have chronic or recurrent foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, or low back pain? If so, the issue may be stemming from your foundation….your feet!

The Foot Levelers kiosk is a revolutionary foot scanner unlike anything you’ve seen before. In seconds, it produces a 3D view of the bottoms of your feet, giving you and Dr. Garman a detailed look at any problem areas you might haveā€”like a map that will help you find your way to optimal posture and a stronger foundation. Stop by and step aboard to start your journey to better health!

Portable TENS units are available for purchase for home use. These units are useful in treating muscular conditions and providing pain control. They are small, lightweight, and portable and are available for the low price of $80.