Written Testimonials:

” Before coming to see Dr. Garman, I was in constant pain throughout my entire back. Causing additional pain in my shoulders, even tingling and numbness down my legs and down to my fingertips. I had tried everything from over the counter pain and inflammation medicines to harsher prescription medicines that only gave me modest, temporary relief. Even my family doctor couldn’t find a way to help me other than the prescription medicines and suggesting Physical Therapy. Needless to say, this negatively impacted all aspect of my life and I just wanted some relief.
Before she started adjustments, Dr. Garman was incredibly thorough in getting an understanding of my entire medical history, not just the pain I was experiencing, . Once the adjustments started, I couldn’t have been more impressed by how she used Applied Kinesiology to get my body to respond and actually “heal” itself. The whole time explaining what she was doing and why. You could really tell how she enjoys helping people get relief almost as much as we appreciate being out of pain. And boy is she great at it!
She was so personable I wanted to hang out and chat with both her and her staff like it was a social visit, not a Chiropractic appointment. I was so impressed by the care I received here, my girlfriend is already scheduled to see Dr. Garman too. I have and I will continue to sing her praises any chance I get. Knowing the success she had helping me, I’m fully confident she will be able to help anybody get the relief they are hoping for and deserve.”

Dr. Garman takes a holistic approach in treating her patients and is very thorough in her assessments during office visits. She is caring, compassionate and I never feel rushed. The fact that she has a nursing background as well, adds to her knowledge of the body in providing quality patient care as well as pain relief. Her sense of humor, when you’re in pain, is an added bonus!

If you’re looking for a new chiropractor, or if have never been to one, Dr. Garman is a great choice. I recommend her whole heartedly.

“In a day and age where visits to health care professionals feel akin to trips through a fast food service line, it is refreshing to experience Dr. Garman’s patient and thoughtful approach to healing. Her willingness to take as much time, each and every time, to understand and treat my condition, and to explain the entire process in layman’s terms, shows her sensitivity to a patient’s needs on both a physical and intellectual level. But the bottom line in any profession is results, and in this she has delivered in the most tangible of ways; the chronic back pain I have lived with for the past 20 years has been practically eliminated.”
– Tim

“I want to thank both you and Kevin for the time and effort you put into treating me which definitely played a huge role in me being able to accomplish my goal! The combination of regular chiropractic adjustments and deep tissue fascia release therapy was the additional effort that allowed me to maintain such a vigorous routine while being on such a dramatically difficult nutrition program, and it did in fact set me apart from everyone else. Both of you were extremely accommodating to my schedule and made everything work smoothly for me and reduced the stress that comes along with preparing for not just competing, but competing and winning! I have never felt rushed or unwelcomed at any one of the appointments you have treated me at, and each appointment was always an opportunity for myself to explain exactly how I was feeling.

This combination of treatment is something that I would recommend to anyone that is willing to do what it takes to win a competition, or simply achieve any type of self improvement goals without taking performance enhancing drugs. I am very proud to be a natural bodybuilder and I look forward to continuing to see both of you so that I can utilize this combination of treatments as a maintenance program allowing me to compete and win more shows in the future.

In a society that is filled with so many negative people and obstacles that are constantly trying to bring you further away from your goals, it is so refreshing to have found two people on such a dramatically opposite end of the spectrum. There are many options when it comes to treatment in your fields but your place of business exubĂ©rates the type of positive influence that everyone should be surrounded by and have definitely set yourselves apart from the rest. For me you guys are much more than just specialists, you care about my goals and what I am looking to get out of each treatment just as much as I do, and I consider both of you great friends.” -Richie

“Dr Garman is by far, hands down the best chiropractor I have ever been to. I have never been to a chiropractor that actually cares and has a passion for making you feel your best. Dr Garman is extremely thorough and I highly recommend her. ”
– Chris S.

“I’d like to thank Dr. Garman for everything she’s done to help my back problems. When we met on Monday, we talked about my left side of my back, and how that was restricting my motion, and possibly affecting my golf game. Well, since she treated me on Monday, I’ve seem marked improvements in my swing. I am seeing a pattern – in the few weeks following each of my visits to her office, I definitely feel more flexibiltiy in my swing, which results in lower scores for me – all good things! So … I just wanted to say thanks – she is amazing!”
– Chris K.

“My medical history shows that I have had chronic back pain for many years, and I had also been taking Excedrin and muscle relaxers several times a week for my chronic daily headaches. After athletic competition, I would have aches and pains that would last for days or weeks. Then I was introduced to Dr. Garman. Since then, as a result of her treatments and adjustments, I no longer take Excedrin and muscle relaxers, as I can go for weeks without one headache. By having Dr. Garman adjust me on the day of an athletic event I can prevent injuries, improve my performance, finish my event injury-free and be fully functional without residual pain. Recently she diagnosed and treated me for what turned out to be tendonitis on my right shoulder and I experienced significant relief from pain and recovered function in only 24 hours. She is amazing.”
– Luis

“I have been seeing Dr. Diane Garman since her intern days at the Syracuse Clinic. Even as an intern, Dr. Garman was such a friendly, thorough and patient chiropractor that I continued seeing her after she started her practice in Rochester. I have been lucky to be able to stay with the best chiropractor I have ever been to, and give Dr. Garman five stars for her outstanding practice. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a compassionate, personable, and knowledgeable chiropractor.”
– Jennie